Making NinjaPCR from scratch

NinjaPCR is totally opensourced on GitHub. Bill of materials(BOM) is here. Making NinjaPCR from scratch is best way to experience multiple DIY skills like lasercutting, metal, electric circuits and so on at once. But it's really hard for beginners to accomplish by themselves without any help. That is why this section exists! We designed "Maker model" (left) besides "Kit model" (right, on sale). By sharing detailed instructions how to make Maker model from scratch, we hope that people get DIY skills much easier and apply their knowledges to another creative projects in future.

Differences between Kit model and Maker model

Latch and Hinge

Kit model uses parts only on market in Japan. In Maker model, they are replaced with laser cut wood and no need to import.

ATX Power Supply

Adapter of Kit model is powerful due to run peltier (12V150W). You can find it on AliExpress but it will cost a lot including shipping fee. In Maker model, you can add ATX connector to PCB and choose another laser cut data with hole for connector so that you can plug ATX power supply that can be scavenged easily from broken PC. In that case, no need to solder 2 adapter connetors (DIN4 and JACK) on PCB.


You can solder additional pinheads just above ATX connector to write program using USB-Serial adapter (3.3V) and ArduinoIDE. By sticking jumpoer pin to IO0, firmware can be replaced.

Thickness of wood board

Kit model uses 5.5mm MDF (Medium-density fibreboard). Choose from 5.0mm and 5.5mm in Maker model.


Cheap (maybe or not)

If you want to save money by making from scratch, we don't recommend. For example, well (tube holder) is USD100 on our shop but you will spend at least 20 hours or USD300 for outsourcing. High thermal density lid heater is USD80 and we will share how to search on online market and a link trying to make it at USD0.5. But that might be easy to be broken by heat and we have never tried before. Keep in mind that you have to take all responsibilities even if you make a fire by sparks due to such fault. It is almost impossible to make safe heater with high thermal density in small amount because mold is needed. As a conclusion, we cannot assure that Maker model is cheaper than Kit model


Relax, you don't need to make everything. Even if you make only wood parts by touching laser cutter in hackerspaces or FabLab around you for the first time, you will notice that you got super power and great connections throughout your life. You can complement on our shop and we will help you if you ask questions through contact form.


No Warranty

Kit model has some warranty but nothing with Maker model. You have to understand that you are responsible for everything that happens.


You might feel everything doesn't work as you want first. When we cannot point out the root cause online, you may have to repeat or test with patience. Don't scared to make faults.

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