Keep Serial Number

Serial Number is important to get support in the warranty period. It's labeled on warranty and circuit board as S/N:xxx-xxx-xxx but digital backup is recommended.

High Temperature

Some parts get heated up to 120 degree celcius (250 degree fahrenheit). Do not touch aluminium parts directly. Top of PCR tube is still host just after PCR process has ended.

High Current

Peltier in kit supports up to 10 Ampere. Do not touch circuit board while using. Keep it away from water and any conductive materials.

Android needs App

Supported OS versions are 4.1 (Jelly Baen) and later. For Android User : Please install app to use.


This is totally opensourced hardware under GNU General Public License v3.0. You can get everything (3D model, circuit diagram, sourcecode, laser cut data and so on) from GitHub.

You have tools

2 phillips screwdrivers, straight driver, multi spanner and grease spatula are bundled inside plastic bag.


/assy/images/wood-faces.jpgLaser cut wood has face and tail. It will look good if you always choose face side (logo on front panel) to be shown even it's symmetric.

Next step : Unboxing