Before assembly, take a breath and confirm that you have everything needed. If you find anything missed or broken, Contact us with seriall number in warranty period.



Kit Content Detail Count
1. Woods 15
2. PCB Check printed circuit board is not damaged 1
3. Heatsink + Spare Grease Heatsink and spare thermal conductive grease are packed in one box 1
4. Bag Check next table what's inside 1
5. Power Supply 12V >135W AC-DC adapter 1



Bag Content Detail Count
1. Screw Bag 1 Labeled as '1.Lid' 1
2. Screw Bag 2 Labeled as '2.Well' 1
3. Screw Bag 3 Labeled as '3.Body' 1
4. Well Aluminium PCR tube holder. Thin wires of thermistor are especially FRAGILE. Handle with care. 1
5. Knob For lid 1
6. Rubber foot For bottom board 4
7. Fan guard For bottom board 1
8. Grease Use these ones first. If you need more, use spare grease in heatsink box. 2

Next step : Lid Assembly