All Parts

Screw Bag 3, PCB, Fanguard, Rubber foot and these woods are needed.


Name Detail Count
1. Bottom Board 1
2. Back Board 1
3. Left Board 1
4. Right Board With hole for power supply. 1
5. Front Board PCB will be placed behind logo. 1


Name Detail Count
1. Straight driver To fasten wires on PCB 1
2. Screw (M4 10mm) For fan guard 4
3. Nut (M4) 4
4. Spacer (M3 60mm) Both female 4
5. Spacer (M3 30mm) Male-female 4
6. Screw (M3 15mm) Multipurposed 12
7. Nut (M3) 4
8. Spacer (M3 5mm) For PCB 4

Bottom Wood

Screw fanguard on TAIL of bottom board with 4 thick screws (M4 10mm) and nuts. Then face will be upside and it looks better.

Connect 60mm and 30mm spacers to make 4 90mm spacers.

Screw 4 rubber foot to bottom board with 4 thin long screws (M3 15mm) and spacers.

Put all side boards except front.

Mount upper body and pull cables out to front. Don't screw upper body yet.

Circuit Board

Screw PCB on backside of front board with 4 thin long screws (M3 15mm), 4 spacers (M3 5mm) and nuts. Power connector should come to the right side of logo.


Connect longest heatsink cable. It wont be locked if it's in wrong direction.

Loose 6 screws of all 3 green terminal blocks by screwing counterclockwise using straight driver.

Connect 2 power cables of heater (white). No matter which white cable to be right or left but DO NOT connect pink cables. It will break thermistor.

Connect 2 thermistor calbes of heater (pink). No matter which is right or left.

Connect RED cable of peltier to the hole with arrow. DO NOT connect to next hole wrongly. That will break peltier.

Connect BLACK cable to the remained hole. DO NOT connect to next hole wrongly.

Wires of well thermistor are short and fragile. We connect it to PCB on next paragraph.

Well thermistor

Last but most sensitive part of whole assembly process. Lift top/right/left boards a little and set front board.

Lift up top board a little and connect well thermistor to the pinheads (circle).

Bak top board softly and screw it with remained 4 screws (M3 15mm).

Next step : Initial Setup