All Parts

Screw Bag 2, Well, Heatsink + Spare Grease and these woods are needed.


Name Detail Count
1. Top Board Wider area is front side (bottom in picture). Asymmetric : hole for cable (red circle) will come to the top-right when face side is up. 1
2. Heatsink Holder 2 notches are front (bottom in picture) 1
3. Peltier Holder 2 notches are front (bottom in picture) 1


Name Detail Count
1. Spatula To smooth grease 1
2. Peltier High temperature durable silicon sealed peltier 1
3. Aluminium plate Square plate 1
4. Latch 2 white plastic parts 1
5. Hinge 1 black plastic part 1
6. Screw (M3 15mm) For peltier holder 2
7. Screw (M3 6mm) For well 4
8. Nut (M3) 6
9. Screw (M5 20mm) For heatsink 4
10. Nut (M5) 8
11. Tapping Screw (M3 6mm) For latch and hinge 8
12. Silicone sponge To avoid airflow from body to lid 1
13. Wire Clip To hold cables 1


Connect heatsink holder and top board with 4 thick screws (M5 20mm) and nuts firmly using offset driver and multi spanner. Both front sides (arrow) must be aligned.


Screw remained 4 thin screws (M3 6mm) and nuts loosely first. Place side of nut (red rectangle) can be seen from each side. You can place well into holder easier at next step.

Turn well upside down. Tune directions of nus to fit the notches of heatsink holder and screw tightly. Confirm thermistor of well (red circle) is sticking out to front (arrow).


Paste grease over backside of well. No need to squeeze it all. Use spatula to smooth evenly.

Align 2 wires of peltier over notchs of heatsink holder (arrows) and put peltier on well like this. DO NOT mistake red and black! That will break peltier easily.

Thread thermistor sensors through peltier holder and connect it to heatsink holder with 2 thin-long screws (M3 15mm) and nuts. It's a bit difficult because heads of screws are downside. Confirm that thermistor wires of well are OVER peltier holder (red circle) and peltier wires are running through holes made by holders (arrows).

Aluminium Plate

Smooth grease over peltier evenly as you have done over well.

Peel off blue tape from aluminium plate. Put it over peltier and press a little.


Hold white leg of heatsink in left hand. Rotate counterclockwise black cap and pull by right hand. Then it will be removed easily. Remove all 4 legs.

Peel off cover sticker of heatsink and smooth grease. If there is no grease left, use spare.

Screw heatsink with holders with remained 4 nuts (M5). Use multi spanner to screw tightly. At this point, you may see small gap between heatsink and aluminium plate (arrow).

Turn upside down and push well downward so that there is no gap between heatsink and aluminium plate (arrow).

Fill Space

Fill the gap between well and top board with sponge using straight driver. No need to put it deeply because purpose of this sponge is not to warm well but avoid airflow from bottom body to lid. Just fill the gap.

Mount Lid

Mount lid and thread 4 wires throught hole (arrow). Screw hinge on backside of the lid with 4 tapping screws. There are pilot holes. Use phillips screwdriver first then screw it firmly with offset driver.

Screw bottom latch in front of lid with 2 tapping screws tightly. There are pilot holes too.

Top latch is adjustable and lid should be closed firmly. Screw it with 2 tapping screws loosely first.

Screw tightly while holding lid to top board.

It's not safe if 4 wires of heater not fastened because fan of heatsink will catch them easily. Peel off release paper from wire clip. Put it in front side of top board and fasten 4 wires by bending thin part of clip. Check that you can open/close lid smoothly and firmly. Now you have made upper body.

Next step : Body Assembly