All Parts

Screw Bag 1, Knob and these woods are needed./assy/images/lid-woods.jpg

Name Detail Count
1. Heater lift Support heater to go up and down. 1
2. Lid Top 1
3. Lid Bottom 1
4. Lid Side 2
5. Lid Front 2 small holes for latch 1
6. Lid Back 2 small holes for hinge and 1 bigger hole for calbes of heater 1


Name Detail Count
1. Phillips driver For screws 1
2. Offset driver To fasten screws more tightly 1
3. Multi Spanner For nuts 1
4. Heater With 4 wires. Pink ones are thermistor inside. 1
5. Silicone sponge Cover one side of heater to avoid convection 1
6. Aluminium plate Plate with 4 holes on each corners 1
7. Screw (M3 15mm) For heater 4
8. Nut (M3) 8
9. Screw (M3 10mm) For woods 8
10. Metal Spacer (M3 30mm) For woods 4

Floating Heater

Peel off blue tape from aluminium plate. Screw 4 longer screws (M3 15mm) and nuts like this.

Peel double-sided tape from heater. Glue heater to the midst of aluminium plate. Don't colide with screws nor nuts.

Peel off double-sided tape on sponge and cover the heater.

Screw heater lift wood with 4 nuts. Now heater unit is done.

Lid Base

Assemble box with remained 4 screws and 4 spacers.

Place heater unit inside and thread all 4 wires of heater through the hole of lid back wood. Wires must be behind the spacer (blue arrow) not front (red arrow). Check that heater unit can move up and down somoothly without catching cables.

Lid Cover

Screw lid top wood with last 4 screws and put a knob. Now you have made lid.

Next step : Well Assembly